"Promise in the Garden of Eden"
acrylic on canvas
SOLD $300
acrylic and photo transfer on canvas
"Red Veil"
acrylic on canvas
acrylic on board
30"x24", framed
$350 through August 31 $500
"Metamorphosis", 2013
acrylic on canvas

SOLD  $225 through August 31 $300
"Orion's Ascension", 2013
acrylic on canvas 

"Nebula", 2013
triptych  36"x30"
acrylic on canvas
"Celestial Dust", 2013
diptych  12"x24"
acrylic on canvas
"George's Tree", 2012
acrylic and ink on canvas
30" x 36"

Earth Mama

"Earth Mama", 2010
acrylic and pastel on paper

Revelation Boogie

"Revelation Boogie", 2009
8" x 10"
acrylic and photo transfer on canvas

The tree featured in this painting is a photograph I took of a Mississippi Live Oak. I worked closely with 2 arborists who were heading a rejuvenation project to help the Great Live Oak trees that were harmed during and through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The Evolution: "Interconnectedness" 2010

"Interconnectedness", 2010
acrylic, ink & photo transfer on canvas, 
$425 through August 31 $675

A picture of "Interconnectedness", 2009 is shown above. This painting was a spiritual work for me in which I surrendered to the flow of Energy/Inspiration. This piece evolved from a figure study I began in 2005. The mountains now cover a reclining woman who's shape is still discernible: legs, hip, dip of the waist, shoulders, head... this represents the connection of human, nature, cosmos... As I stared at this painting for a few months I realized that the Woman Figure must return to the foreground. You will see the completed painting at the top of this post, finished March 23, 2010.

"Live Oak", 2009
acrylic and photo transfer
7" x 5", framed

"Loss", 2009
acrylic and photo transfer on board
10" x 10"

"Burning City, Hungry Souls", 2009
oil on canvas
12" x 12"

Explorations: New Paintings of 2009

"Clouds", 2009
acrylic on canvas, 30" x 12"

"Sand Storm Temples", 2009
acrylic on canvas, 30"x12"

"Ascend", 2009
acrylic on canvas, 12"x30"

Unwelcome Guest

"Unwelcome Guest",
mixed media on canvas,
24" x 18"

This painting has evolved from layers of paint, tissue paper and string which has created a textured result, adding depth and visual movement.

Evolution Eventually

"Evolution Eventually", 2007
acrylic on canvas, 41"x 33"

This piece is painted on 4 separate  16" x 20" canvases that are bound together with 3/4" x 1" pine. I worked on each individual canvas separately, occasionally putting them all together to unify the form and colors of the Tree. It was only when I felt that each canvas could stand on it's own as a completed piece that I put them all together. I began this painting during the end of my senior year at St. Bonaventure University. I put it down for about a year when I left for Mississippi to do some Hurricane Katrina cleanup. While in Biloxi, MS I met 2 arborists who I worked closely with in a Live Oak Tree rejuvenation effort. When I returned to my home in NY, I dove into this piece with a completely new appreciation of our Great Trees.
"Dream Light", 2008
oil on canvas, 14"x11"
$75 through August 31 $125

A recollection of a dream... A composition of soft colors, hints of images morphing into one another, evolving entities. Answers were illuminated by the Light, bringing me to the brink of understanding. I awoke, and was left with this memory.

"Silent Resistance", 2008
mixed media on canvas, 20"x16"

I began this piece while living in a tent in Biloxi, Mississippi. At the time I was aiding in Hurricane Katrina relief: working long days, meeting amazing people, hearing devastating stories intertwined with those of hope, faith and recovery. I lived, showered and worked beside 50-150 people at any given time. This painting contains the layers of my time there, my return home to New York, and the move to my current residence in Vermont. This painting began as a poem, covered by paint splatters, plastered with ripped out pages of government distributed hurricane damage prevention booklets and became my own personal documentation between 2006 - 2008.

Katrina Camp Blues

"Katrina Camp Blues", 2008
mixed media on canvas, 16"x20"

Womb Garden

"Conception", 2005
acrylic on canvas


"Emergence", 2006
acrylic on canvas